Motto: I was a stranger, you welcomed me ... and I was sick you took care of me (Mat- 25:36)


{How 'Shanthi Bhavan' was concieved . . }

During a hectic rainy day in the year 1987, Fr. Paulose, the patron of the mission met an old man, Mr. Krishnan in a drainage canal by the roadside, near the church premises. He was struggling for life when the passers by saw him. With the help of two of his friends, Fr. Paulose brought him to the church. It was shocking to know that he was totally paralyzed and so could not get out of the flushing water in the canal.

This was the motivation to think of a home for the aged destitutes.

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{History so far . . }

St. Thomas Charitable Trust was formed in the year 1988. By the Grace of God, we could start a free clinic to give free medical care to the extend possible, with the help of doctors who are church members.

In 1991, the trust started institutional accommodation for the destitute old people. In 1994, purchased 5 acres of land at Redhills and started construction. With the good-hearted support of the church members, well wishers and philanthropies in and around Chennai, we could construct the building for “Shanthi Bhavan” in this land and the old age home was shifted there. With the completion of second phase in 1998, separate wings for ladies and gents were made available in the home. By this time the strength increased up to 50. The demand is invariably increasing and we are facing lack of space and infrastructure.

More than hundreds of destitutes and mentally retarded were looked after by “Shanthi Bhavan” since its conception. 35 inmates including a respectful priest, passed away peacefully and we are proud to say in the name of God, that all of them had a respected burial than they deserve as a destitute.

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{How can you inolve . . }

You can help “Shanthi Bhavan” through combination of any of the following:

1   Remember “Shanthi Bhavan” in your daily prayers.
2   Impart information about “Shanthi Bhavan” to your kiths and kins.
3   Sponsor “One day meal’ for the home at the cost of Rs 2,000/- or US$ 150/-
4   Sponsor provisions and daily needs at the best of your ability.
5   Sponsor an inmate at the cost of Rs 2,000/- or US$ 150/-. This will take care of his food, clothing and medical expenses for a month.
6   Sponsor an inmate at the cost of Rs 15,000/- or US$ 1,350/- which will take care of his food, clothing and medical expenses for one year.
7   Sponsor a room at the cost of Rs 1,00,000/- or US$2,500/-
8   Sponsor either of a meditation hall, chapel, rehabilitation center at the cost of Rs 1,00,000/- or US$ 2,500/-.
9   Extend financial support to the running cost of this Heavenly mission, according to ones ability, however big or small it may be.
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We look forward your involvement and visit to our home.

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H.B Mar Baselios Thomas I
the Patron of the Mission, laid foundation stone for the
  St.Mary’s Mission Hospital. With a view of fundraising, we have conducted a ‘Charity Dinner’. Learn more >> on the event.  

Rev. Fr. V.V Paulose,
shares his vision behind the projects. He says, why it is so essential for
  the area where we work. Learn more and come forward!  

  An inmate of shanthibhavan can be sponsored with US$ 50 per month.  
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Rev. Fr. V V Paulose,

Founder and Visionary of the mission.

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