Motto: I was a stranger, you welcomed me ... and I was sick you took care of me (Mat- 25:36)


Beloved in Christ,

By the grace of God Almighty and with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Trust is carrying forward its objectives of taking care of the aged destitute and pioneering with a mission hospital for specialized care as the under privilaged as its primary focus.

The problems of the aged the world over, particularly in developing and under developed countries are assuming changes in alarming proportions. Despite efforts made by the Government and Non-government organizations to allieviate the sufferings of the aged, a large number of them, especially the destitute ones are still left in the lurch to fend for themselves.

According to a study, the current global population of old people is above 580 million, of whom 355 million (60%) live in the developing countries. The world is expected to have one billion old people by 2020.

Rich countries can afford to look after their old reasonably well. The Government and society make various arrangements for the aged. They have special clubs, games, shows, theatre and cinema.

Compared to this, what countries like India can do for their aged is limited. The lacuna has to be made up by the joint family system, which unfortunately is breaking down.

Urbanization, Globalization and economic crunch are resulting in nuclear families. A recent study, quoted at a seminar organized by 'Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied services' in New delhi pointed out that 40% of the elderlyin the capital city have no care given. Our city, Chennai is not too different from this.

In this scenerio, we are making a modest effort to share the burdens of the aged destitute irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

We call for your attention towards this noble cause. Involve with Shanthi Bhavan in all possible ways. Setforth a priority in your personal and social life too that will reduce the ailments of the elderly around you.

...Managing Trustee


H.B Mar Baselios Thomas I the Patron of the Mission, laid foundation stone for the
  St.Mary’s Mission Hospital. With a view of fundraising, we have conducted a ‘Charity Dinner’. Learn more >> on the event.  




Rev. Fr. Aby Alias Puthenveettil, the managing trustee of the mission shares his vision behind the projects. He says, why it is so essential for the area where




we work. Learn more and come forward!  

  An inmate of shanthibhavan can be sponsored with US$ 50 per month.  
  We need your assistance in Godly love for discarded old aged. Donate Now! >>  

    Shanthibhavan has a running clinic for the inmates. In addition their  
  clothing, lesure and other needs to be adressed. Donate to the general fund. Donate Now! >>  

Rev. Fr. V V Paulose,

Founder and Visionary of the mission.

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