Motto: ….I was a stranger, you welcomed me… I was naked, you gave me clothing… I was hungry, you gave me food and I was sick you took care of me (St.Mathew 25:36)

The donations made to the trust are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and we have FCRA clearence from the Ministry of Home affairs, Govt. of India to recieve foreign contributions.

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Home for the aged Destitute

Sponsor “One day meal’ at the cost of $50/-

Sponsor an inmate at the cost f $50/- monthly

Sponsor an inmate at the cost f $250/- Yearly

Sponsor a room at the cost of $1250/-

Sponsor either of a meditation hall or rehabilitation center at the cost of $2500/-

Sponsor provisions and daily needs - any amount

Extend financial support to the running cost - any amount

St. Marys Mission Hospital

 I want to contribute to building fund US$ 500/

Sponsor a room cost of US$ 2,500/-

Sponsor one bed space cost of - $1250

I will contribute to the purchase furniture, electrical fittings, beds, wheel-chairs, chairs, tables etc.- Any amount

Supply of medicines and medical supplies inclusive of syringes, glucose bottles, IV sets, surgical cotton, gloves etc.

I will Impart information about this Healing Ministry to my kiths and kin.

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H.B Mar Baselios Thomas I the Patron of the Mission, laid foundation stone for the
  St.Mary’s Mission Hospital. With a view of fundraising, we have conducted a ‘Charity Dinner’. Learn more >> on the event.  
Rev. Fr. Aby Alias Puthenveettil,
the managing trustee of the mission shares his vision behind the projects. He says, why it is so essential for the area where


  we work. Learn more and come forward!  

Rev. Fr. V V Paulose,

Founder and Visionary of the mission.


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