Motto: I was a stranger, you welcomed me ... and I was sick you took care of me (Mat- 25:36)


Palliative Care Centre for Cancer Patients

Today, many people in India suffering from cancer, experience pain, anxiety and mood disturbance. Conventional treatments do not always satisfactorily relieve these symptoms and some patients may not be able to tolerate the side effects. Palliative care needs to be available in both urban as well as rural areas as an integral part of health care services including hospital clinics.  This also includes essential drugs, medication and services ranging from durable medical goods to counselling programs. The foundation stone for "ABHAYAM" was laid on 3rd February 2008, by H. B. Mor Baselios Thomas I, and the construction is in progress next to Shanthi Bhavan.    

The Goal:-

Prevent and relieve suffering and to support the best quality of life for patients.  It refers to active total care of patients whose disease or symptoms may not respond to curative treatment.

We look forward to have your involvement and support for the noble cause.  Donations can be drawn by way of Cheque or DD in favor of "The St. Thomas Charitable Trust"



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Plan of Abhayam


 Inside Abhayam         

Blessing Chapel
Blessing Abhayam

Abhayam while under construction

The scenic beauty inside the compound

Panoramic view of the layout of Abhayam

Foundation work in progress for Abhayam
Pathway to Shanthi Bhavan

H.B Mar Baselios Thomas I the Patron of the Mission, laid foundation stone for the
  St.Mary’s Mission Hospital. With a view of fundraising, we have conducted a ‘Charity Dinner’. Learn more >> on the event.  
Rev. Fr. Aby Alias Puthenveettil, the managing trustee of the missionshares his vision behind the projects. He says, why it is so essential for

  the area where we work. Learn more and come forward!  

  An inmate of shanthibhavan can be sponsored with US$ 50 per month.  
  We need your assistance in Godly love for discarded old aged. Donate Now! >>  

    Shanthibhavan has a running clinic for the inmates. In addition their  
  clothing, lesure and other needs to be adressed. Donate to the general fund. Donate Now! >>  

Rev. Fr. V V Paulose,

Founder and Visionary of the mission.


  Fund Raiser:  

St. Thomas Charitable Trust had conducted a musical & dance concert 'Tharang' on October 4, 2008 as fund raiser for Abhayam Palliative care Centre for Cancer Patients. More >>


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